As a man thinks so is he

The Bible says, As a man thinks so is he’.   How we think governs what we say and do and how we speak and act.  And how we think depends on what we allow to enter our eyes and ears and on the company we keep.  We are so easily drawn to what is self-indulgent, titillating, corrupting and unsavoury and our natural appetites are amply supplied in today’s society and media.   But we have the  power of choice – God has given us freewill.

If we eat mostly junk food our bodies will be damaged; if we fill our heads  with ‘junk’ our minds will be corrupted.  Do you want to be healthy?  Then eat nourishing food.  Do you want to be a person whose words and actions are kind, helpful, sincere, compassionate, gracious, appreciative, etc?  Then be selective about what you read, view, listen to, talk about and engage in. 

The Bible (a daily source of help) has some good advice

‘Whatever things are noble….just….pure….lovely….of good report…think on these things.’ (Phil 4,8)

‘Love is kind….does not behave rudely, does not seek its own….thinks no evil’.  (1 Cor 13, 4-5)

‘A good man out of the treasure of his heart brings forth good.’  (Luke 6, 45)

‘Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus….’  (Phil 2, 5)

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