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What Christadelphians Believe

We believe in one all knowing, all powerful, all present God, the creator of the universe

We believe the Holy Spirit is God’s power, through which he works

We believe in Jesus, God’s son, who perfectly showed God’s character to us

We believe that the Bible is God’s message to us and we should live by it 

We believe that we are mortal – when we die we will cease to exist

We believe that we are sinful – we naturally do things that don’t please God 

We believe that Jesus was mortal and tempted to sin like we are, but instead always chose God’s way

We believe that despite our sinful nature God has given us a way to be forgiven, to be a part of His plan, and to live with Him forever

We believe that Jesus is that way – through his sinless life, death, and resurrection, we can be saved

We believe that since Jesus’ death and resurrection, he has been living and working with God in heaven

We believe that Jesus will return to set up God’s Kingdom which will fill the whole earth

We believe that those who have chosen to accept Jesus’ sacrifice,  associated themselves with him through baptism, and have tried to live their lives following his example, will be given eternal life in his Kingdom

We believe that in the Kingdom of God there will be no more death, and the world will be filled with God’s glory!

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