Do you have freedom?

People talk a lot about freedom– the right to have free access, free choice, freedom of worship, free speech. It is a concept valued – but not always enjoyed – by most people across the world.

But what is freedom exactly – the right to do as we like? What about laws that limit our freedom age limits, decency laws, rules of the road, compulsory education, etc? So freedom within society is not absolute; it must accommodate other people’s freedoms.

The only freedom not controlled by others is the freedom to think, feel and make decisions and choices. This is so important that it was built into human history from the beginning.  When God created men and women, he wanted them to obey and love him and live the ideal way he showed them but he did not compel them, because he wanted them to choose to love and obey him by their own free will.

It is always wise to follow makers’ instructions isn’t it!  But so many people think they know better, ignore guidelines and wonder why things go wrong.  It is the same with God’s instructions, recorded for us in the Bible.  God has promised huge benefits to all who will live his way, believe in and follow his Son, Jesus, who sacrificed his life to lead us back to God and give us forgiveness and life – both now and for ever. It really is a matter of life and death. 

We each have to make the choice.

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