Come as you are

There is a popular hymn which begins, ‘Just as I am….’  This outlines an INVITATION offered to you and to me and to everyone who will accept it.  The invitation is from God – ‘Come near to me and hear this’ and from Jesus Christ, God’s Son, ‘Come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest’. 

The only way we can come to God is just as we are; there is no other way.  God knows us through and through, so we can/ must be open and honest when we pray.  We do not have to pretend to be better than we are, nor draw away because we are ashamed or feel unacceptable.  God loves you as you are, BUT he loves you so much that he wants to lift you up and make you much more.

However hard we try we cannot make ourselves perfect or even live up to our own standards, let alone God’s.  But Jesus, who did live a wholly sinless life in obedience to his Father (and so defeated sin), surrendered his life in order to save us from our helpless state.  We can be saved, forgiven and offered eternal life with him by believing in the power of his life, death and resurrection and committing our lives to him.  Then we experience his love, joy and peace now and look forward with confidence to being with him in eternal joy. 

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