Decisions, decisions….

We may think we are in control of our lives because we have freedom of choice.  We choose our life style, our career, friendships, holiday destinations, where to live, what to believe, what to eat and wear, etc. etc.

BUT we cannot change our parents and upbringing and DNA and in-born health profile, nor how we look or who we are nor how long we shall live.  We are not ultimately in control.

God, who gave us life, is in control of His world.  He gave us responsibility to care for life on earth, and to love and obey Him.  How well has mankind lived up to that responsibility?

The only true and lasting (for ever) freedom, is given to those who believe, love and obey God and trust in His Son, Jesus Christ who can save us.  We are all answerable to God.  The most crucial decision we make in life is to turn in need and in faith to Him.

‘Because Jesus lives for ever…. He is able to save completely those who come to God through him’.  (Hebrews 7, 24-25) 

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