Do you have space in your heart that Jesus could fill?

So often discussions on religious subjects focus on aspects that we understand in our heads from what we have read and heard, and maybe discussed with others.  These discussions revolve around evidence, be that archaeological, or to do with prophecy or history, or from the Bible or other writings.  These debates tend to be, by their very nature, somewhat intellectual discussions, with each side of the argument placing evidence for their own view and against the other view. 

This happens all the time in life, but is perhaps particularly so when it comes to religious viewpoints.  But deep down, I would like to suggest, Christianity should not be about this at all. Christianity, from God’s perspective, demonstrates a policy of love, leading to joy and peace and many other emotions that come from God by His Spirit.  It is our heart that must accept Jesus, not our head.  Faith is a wonderful thing that makes this possible.  Faith comes from God, so we must pray for it. 

Is there a space currently in your heart that is waiting for Jesus to fill with his love?

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