No Change

We live in a constantly changing world. How often do we complain that nothing ever stays the same? Just as we get used to how something works it is updated or modernised and we have to learn how to use it all over again. This is particularly true of our modern technological age.

People change too. They change what they think and who they support. They change friendships and, all too often, life partners. They can also be two-faced, agreeing with one friend one minute and then completely the opposite view with someone else in case it makes them seem stupid. We are sometimes afraid to stand firm for what we believe when we think someone might laugh at us. God doesn’t change. He is the same now as he was at the beginning and what he says remains constant. It doesn’t change to suit circumstances because we find what he has said in the Bible a bit awkward or old-fashioned thinking for our modern age. God is constant, unchanging. It should come as no surprise then that his son Jesus follows exactly the same unchanging principles in his teaching. Many people tried to trip him up into saying something different in his arguments with the leaders of his day.

We should take note of what is said about Jesus in the book of Hebrews:

‘Jesus Christ – the same yesterday, and today and forever’ and try hard to make our lives and beliefs as unchangeable as that. What Jesus taught over 2000 years ago is still the same and as relevant to us today as it was then. Jesus said: ‘Behold I am coming quickly, (or suddenly) and my reward is with me, to give to everyone according to his work.’ Surely we want to be ready and waiting for him and hope to gain our reward for unchanging faithfulness in his kingdom. 

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