Lost and Gone

Are you always losing things? Keys? Pens? Socks? We’ve all done it. It’s just one of those irritating things of everyday life which makes us late while we try to locate the things we need because we carelessly discarded them the last time we used them.

What about losing something more valuable? A watch or ring? A wallet with all your money and bank cards in? A mobile phone or laptop? Now things are a bit more serious as we hunt frantically for where they might be. We try and remember when we last saw them or used them. We feel ourselves becoming more and more stressed about where they might be and the consequences of them being lost for ever. It’s not a good feeling is it?

Jesus tells us a story about a woman who lost something very valuable to her. It was one of the 10 valuable coins she owned, probably worn as part of her headdress; most likely some sort of dowry when she married. It was unthinkable that she would never find it. We are told that she turned her house upside down, looking in every corner and sweeping under every last place until she found it. Imagine the relief and the joy that she felt. It doesn’t tell us how long she looked for it only that she didn’t give up until she had found it.

The stories Jesus tells, usually called parables, are stories with a deeper meaning. What Jesus wants his listeners to learn is that if something is valuable or worth having we must never give up looking for it until we find it. Jesus was teaching about finding the word of God, the Bible, which leads to the wonderful promise of life in God’s kingdom. We have to search this Word and find the faith to believe that we too can be there in that kingdom and live for ever if we want it enough.

Read the parable here in Luke ch 15 along with other parables about finding items that are lost. The whole chapter has three parables about being lost and found. 

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