Thank you

Thank you. Two words which mean so much when said with sincerity. We’ve all heard the expression ‘without as much as a thank you!’ when someone has not acknowledged that they should express their gratitude.

 We are hearing these two words a lot at the moment whilst we are isolating and dependant on others for some of our essentials. Those unfortunate to have become ill with covid-19 and who are nursed back to health say they can never say ‘thank you’ enough to those who cared for them and helped them back to health.

 Sometimes though it is easy to forget to be thankful for every day blessings such as having homes to live in, food to eat and clothes to wear. We can very easily take these things for granted and feel that it is the very least we deserve.

 Jesus once healed 10 lepers – an awful condition that made them outcasts in society. He sent them away to show the priest that they were now healed and clean again but only one turned back to say thank you for what Jesus had done for him.

 We should remember to say ‘Thank you’ to our Heavenly Father for all the blessings he gives us, whether we think we deserve it or not. We read in the Bible that he sends the sun to shine and the rain to fall on the righteous and the ungodly so that all have the same chance of life and the opportunity to turn to him. While we are thanking God for all things we should remember too to praise his greatness for all that he is.

Luke 17 vs 11-19

Matthew 5 vs 45


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