What is the world coming to?

Many people all across the world are anxiously asking this question more than ever before, because of the pandemic and the threatened financial aftermath.

Jesus warned of very distressing times to come (Luke 21, 25-28), but added that these would happen ‘in the last days’ and be the sign that his return to earth was near, when he will remove evil and rule the earth himself. 

Remember what Jesus did when he came the first time?  He lovingly fed the poor, comforted the sad, healed the sick and disabled, treated everyone well, taught people about God his Father’s wonderful plans for the earth and how they could become part of those plans, and he even raised some people from the dead.  As the future King, with absolute power, justice, honesty, love and God’s authority, he is the only one who can rid the world of evil, restore the earth to a paradise, raise faithful believers from their graves and give eternal life to all who believe and honour God.  God has promised this will happen (Matt 16, 27; Psalm 72). 

So, if we accept the invitation of Jesus Christ to follow him and live the way God wants us to live, then we need not fear anything.  God is in charge of the world.  Up to now He has allowed mankind to rule it his own way, but soon Christ will come to remove that misrule.  Jesus said, ‘My Father’s Will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day’.

Read also: Revelation 21, 3-5  That’s what the world is coming to!

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