What is Prayer?

Imagine you have the ability to call on your mobile the most important man living on earth?

Well the Lord God lives way beyond the earth, and we can still get in touch with Him! He has enabled us to offer our prayers to Him and this can only be done through the Lord Jesus His Son.

(You can check this out by looking in a book of the Bible called Romans, ch.5 verses 1 & 2.)

You may have heard of the Lord’s Prayer, this starts and finishes with praise and you can add your requests in the middle. Please remember that your prayers are not simply a list of demands, as we are like specks on the earth talking to the Earths’ Creator! So we should reflect that in what we say to God.

Do you have any other examples of prayer? In the book of Nehemiah chapters 1 & 2 we read a description of a man, who was the cup bearer of the King of Persia. Nehemiah was desperately sad about the ruined state of the city of Jerusalem in his homeland. Being well known by the King, he asks Nehemiah to tell him what troubles him, and what he can do to help him. After a very quick private prayer.

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