As white as snow

Over the last few days we have been enjoying the experience of walking, playing, sledging, may be building a snowman, joining a snowball fight, or just loving the beauty of snow.

Where we live in the U.K. seeing snow is quite a rare occurrence these days and I am pleased that our grandchildren have been experiencing this pleasure; when I was a child snow was ‘part and parcel’ of winter days. Particularly at the moment of writing this we are all currently in a countrywide lockdown so just viewing a change of scenery from indoors can be uplifting.

Snow conjures up images of pureness and beauty. In Psalm 147:16 we are told ‘He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes’ referring to our Lord Almighty, the great Creator.

In scripture our sins are likened to the colour scarlet, or red as crimson, but we are told that these can be changed to be ‘white as snow’, we can read about this in Isaiah ch 1:18 – what a wonderful promise this is when we acknowledge the Lord as Creator and sustainer of the universe.

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