FOMO – if you’re under 40 or a keen user of social media you will know what this stands for – Fear Of Missing Out. It’s a modern dilemma people have when they are reluctant to commit to something in case that gets in the way of them doing something else that comes along that they’d rather do. Two invitations to go out for a meal on the same day. Which one do you accept? What if you accept the one and then find out that your friends are all going to the other one? FOMO should really be FOC or Fear Of Commitment. The biggest ‘fear’ with this way of life is that in being fearful of missing out you end up doing nothing at all. This life is too short to be lonely and fearful.

God has issued an incredible invitation to his kingdom – open to all who will accept it. It does require us to accept his conditions of belief in him and his son, Jesus. For some this is too restricting and can make them feel like they’d rather spend their lives doing other things. Turning our back on God’s promise of a wonderful eternal life in his kingdom on earth, however, should fill us with real FOMO. If we don’t accept it then there is nothing else for us than this life. It will come to an end and the opportunity to accept God’s offer will have passed.

We must reply to God’s invitation and not be fearful of accepting it. If we live a life now pleasing to him and follow his ways, knowing that Jesus is always there to help us along the way, then this life can also be full of blessings such as peace of mind and a real hope, when all around us feel despair. We really need to grasp this with both hands otherwise it will be too late and then we really will have missed out on the greatest invitation of all!

If you would like to read about God’s wonderful invitation then read the last 2 books of the last book in the Bible – Revelation ch 21 and 22.

‘Behold I am coming quickly and my reward is with me to give to everyone according to his work.’

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