Peace, be still!

Have you ever stood on a cliff looking out to sea? On a windy day it crashes and smashes against the rocks showing its frightening power and energy. On a hot sunny summer’s day it is calm with no waves breaking on its surface. So peaceful and inviting.

Our lives are like the sea. Sometimes they are in great turmoil crashing and smashing out of control. Sometimes we feel at peace with the world and nothing is troubling us.

We read of an incident in Jesus’ life when he was in a boat during a storm and while his close friends feared for their lives he felt completely confident that God was watching over them and keeping them safe, so much so that he fell asleep. In great distress, his friends woke him and asked him whether he cared that they were all about to perish at sea. Jesus stood up in the unsteady boat and said to the wind and sea “Peace, be still!” We are told that there was a great calm and the wind ceased. Then he turned to the others and asked them why they were afraid. He asked them ‘How is it that you have no faith?’

When we are afraid Jesus asks us ‘How is it that you have no faith?’ If we allow Jesus to be our leader in life then a great calm can come over us in all our troubles because he also says to us ‘Peace, be still!’ 

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