The other side of the rainbow

Rainbows are a big feature during our permitted daily exercise at the moment, stuck on windows, coloured, drawn, painted by children and adults alike to add some cheer and focus our minds on the fantastic work that our NHS staff and many other key workers are doing every day.

We first meet the rainbow in Genesis; it is a promise from God that the earth would never again be subjected to a worldwide flood. Whenever we see a rainbow in the sky reminds us of God’s love to mankind, we are struck how beautiful this looks, with the sun behind us and the rain ahead. The seven colours in a rainbow are not always distinguishable to our human eye nevertheless, it is a wonderful sight.

Noah was described by God as a righteous man. This made him stand out from the crowd because of the state of the world at that time. We live in a very chaotic world in 2020, where many fear for their future. This is especially noticeable during this crisis of Covid 19. God rescued Noah. We too can be rescued, kept safe in God’s love and care when we come to Him and commit to better way by learning about Jesus Christ. This righteous man shows all of God’s promises and is shown to us through the gospels

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